Circular / Office Order / Office Memorandum
Sr. No. Title Download Uploaded Date
1 Office Order regarding Chief Vigilance Officer of NIT Agartala.   03/06/2024
2 Notice regarding Official, LTC Tour and Travel for all members of NITA.   07/05/2024
3 Office Order regarding participation in Volleyball Tournament under Parakram 24 from 7th to 10th March 2024.   05/03/2024
4 Office order regarding participate in All India Inter NIT Volleyball (M) Tournament at NIT Kurukshetra   29/02/2024
5 Circular for submission of Children Education Allowance reimbursement for the year 2023-24.   16/02/2024
6 Office Order regarding participation on 4 day cultural extravanganza "Vividhta Ka Amrit Mahotsav" from 8th February to 11th February 2024.   09/02/2024
7 Office order for All India Inter NIT Kho Kho (M) & Athletics (Men and Women) Tournament at NIT Warangal from 16th to 18th Feb 2024.   09/02/2024
8 Office Order assigning the additional responsibility of DR (Admin), NIT Agartala to Shri Tanmoy Ghosal, DR (F&A), NIT Agartala.   31/01/2024
9 Office Order regarding All India Inter NIT Table Tennis, Chess (Women) Tournament at NIT Jamshedpur from 2nd to 4th February 2024.   31/01/2024
10 Office Order assigning the additional responsibility of CVO, NIT Agartala.   25/01/2024
11 Office Order regarding to participate in All India Inter NIT Cricket (Women) and Swimming Tournament at NIT Rourkela from 26th to 28th January 2024.   24/01/2024
12 Office Order assigning the duties & responsibilities of QIP, Coordinator, NIT Agartala.   03/01/2024
13 Circular of Submission of Immovable Annual Property Return (IAPR) by the regular Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of the Institute for the year 2023 (01-01-2023 to 31-12-2023).   03/01/2024
14 Office order regarding participation in All India Inter NIT Cricket (Men) Tournament at NIT Triruchirappali from 5th to 8th January 2024   01/01/2024
15 Office Order regarding delegation of power for sanctioning leaves at NIT Agartala.   26/12/2023
16 Office Order regarding Instruction on bookings of air tickets on Government account in respect of Leave Travel Concession (LTC).   01/12/2023
17 Circular regarding submission of Google Form by the Students who wants to avail any Scholarship.   09/11/2023
18 Circular regarding the constitution of ICC in respect of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.   30/10/2023
19 Office order for participant for All India Inter NIT Football (M) &Power Sports Tournament at NIT Durgapur from 3rd to 5th November 2023.   19/10/2023
20 Office Order regarding the name of Chief Proctor and HoD of Mechanical Engineering department, NIT Agartala.   16/10/2023
21 Office Order for All India Inter NIT BADMINTON (M & W) Tournament at NIT Jaipur from 14th Oct to 16th Oct 2023.   11/10/2023
22 Notice regarding timings of the Outdoor Patient Duty (OPD) of the Medical Centre of NIT Agartala.   11/10/2023
23 Memo regarding amendment in the procedure of semester registration the for students of NIT Agartala.   04/10/2023
24 Memo regarding Fee Structure for the 4- year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) to be commenced from 2023-24 academic session.   04/10/2023
25 Office Order regarding the responsibilities of Chairperson, Internal Complaint Committee (ICC), NIT Agartala.   12/09/2023
26 Notification regarding the formation of CCD Disciplinary Committee.   31/08/2023
27 Notice regarding adherence to Office Timings.   21/08/2023
28 Circular on Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign from 13th to 15 August.   12/08/2023
29 Submission of Annual Performance Appraisal Report for the period of 1st July, 2022 to 30th June, 2023 by the regular employees of NITA   20/07/2023
30 Notification regarding constitution of Student Discipline Manual Committee   11/07/2023
31 Prof. Debasish Neogi, MHSS Deptt., will act as HoD GeM of NIT Agartala   05/07/2023
32 Notice regarding online refund module for the refund of fees.   31/05/2023
33 Observance of Pledge for all the employees of Central/State Government to take a pledge on Mission Life on 5th June, 2023.   31/05/2023
34 Circular regarding taking over the charge of Director   26/05/2023
35 Office Order assigning the duties of Nodal Officer for All India Survey on Higher Education.   18/05/2023
36 Office Order assigning the duties & responsibilities of Chairman, Vehicle Committee, NIT Agartala.   15/05/2023
37 Office Order assigning the duties & responsibilities of Dean (P&D) & HoD EE Wing of Estate Section of NIT Agartala.   15/05/2023
38 Office Order assigning the duties of Chairman, STIC, NIT Agartala.   10/05/2023
39 Office Order assigning In-Charge, Campus Security, NIT Agartala.   10/05/2023
40 Circular regarding entry/updation of Family details in MIS Portal of NIT Agartala.   03/05/2023
41 Office Order assigning responsibilities of Associate Dean (P&D) and FIC (CA) of NIT Agartala.   01/05/2023
42 Notification for Anti Ragging Squad Committee of NIT Agartala.   28/04/2023
43 Notification regarding Anti Ragging Committee of NIT Agartala.   28/04/2023
44 Office Order nominating Manish Kumar, Dy. Registrar (Admin), NIT Agartala as HoD-GeM.   27/04/2023
45 Office Order regarding regarding procedure/guidelines of allotment of Institute vehicles for official duty.   26/04/2023
46 Office Order regarding new Warden-ship of RNT Hostel   19/04/2023
47 Office Order for assigning the works of Chairman ACoFAR and Institute Purchase Committee of NIT Agartala.   11/04/2023
48 Office Order for assigning the works of Chief Information Security Officer of NIT Agartala.   11/04/2023
49 Office Order assigning the faculty members with additional duties.   30/03/2023
50 Office Order regarding outstation visits.   28/02/2023
51 Office Order of New warden list of Boys hostels, NIT Agartala.   28/02/2023
52 Circular for submission of Immovable Annual Property Return (IAPR) by the regular Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of the Institute for the year 2022 (01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022).   28/02/2023
53 Circular for submission of Children Education Allowance reimbursement.   28/02/2023
54 Office Order regarding Cultural and Technical Committee of NIT Agartala.   28/02/2023
55 Office Order regarding prior approval of the Competent Authority for any committee to be constituted for any decision/policy.   27/02/2023
56 Memorandum constituting committee to look at the affairs at Medical Unit, NIT Agartala.   27/02/2023
57 Circular regarding link of MIS account applying for retention.   27/02/2023
58 Circular for Head Quarter leave.   27/02/2023
59 Notification regarding Vigilance Clearance.   27/02/2023
60 Memorandum regarding online awareness about the role and responsibility of the Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG), Cabinet Secretariat among general public- reg.   27/02/2023
61 Memorandum regarding authenticity of the data of the ERP.   27/02/2023
62 Circular regarding treatment/ regularization of hospitalization/ quarantine period during COVID-19 Pandemic.   27/02/2023
63 Office Order regarding RMC Committee of NIT Agartala.   27/02/2023
64 Circular for implementing e-Governance (Online Leave) at NIT Agartala.   27/02/2023
65 Notification regarding use of outsourcing staff of NIT Agartala.   27/02/2023
66 Office Order regarding the leave for employees of NIT Agartala.   27/02/2023
67 Circular regarding revised leave format for all employee of NIT Agartala.   27/02/2023
68 Circular regarding revised guidelines for assessment of PBAR/APAR in respect of regular faculty of NITA-reg.   27/02/2023
69 Notification regarding the "Flag Code of India, 2002".   27/02/2023
70 Notification regarding the Grievance Redressal Committee of NIT Agartala.   27/02/2023
71 Circular regarding official timing of NIT Agartala.   27/02/2023
72 Circular regarding submission of final Ph.D thesis after Defense viva voice   20/02/2023