NIT Agartala


The department has diverse research dimensions in various Chemical engineering domains which include fluid dynamics, numerical simulation, catalysis and reaction engineering, environmental engineering, biofuel, bioenergy, renewable energy, sustainable engineering, energy and fuel technology, materials engineering, nanotechnology, and polymer technology, as well as many other emerging and pressing areas of chemical engineering.

Some of the recent technologies developed in-house for commercialization are:


·                  Natural colorant production from microalgae for pharmaceutical industry

·                  Edible coating of foods from waste biomass

·                  To make specially designed Wind Deflectors for window panes that allow ventilation and airflow into the house irrespective of their direction

·                  Design of bio-energy integrated off-grid hybrid power system

·                  Alternative processing method of latex

·                  Process for isolation of nutritional constituents from biomass

·                  Method for stabilizing bio-based infrastructural materials against deterioration

·                  Low-cost bio-based fuel for replacement of fossil fuel


List of some recent sponsored projects executed in the department.

  • Technology Status, Gap Analysis Study and the possible remedial measures for the Rubber Processing Units of Tripura – Both Rubber & Rubber Products manufacturing Units
  • Development an alternate route for stabilizing and Processing of Natural Rubber Latex
  • Knowledge Transfer Workshop on Value Addition of Rubber in Tripura
  • Developing an off-grid power system for remotely located communities in the NE region
  • Isolation and characterization of micro-organisms/micro-algae from north east region and eastern Coal mines for bio-sequestration of CO2 and its utilization towards generation of bio-fuel
  • Identification and characterization of intracellular and extracellular cues for phase shifting from acidogenesis to soventogenesis in Clostridium acetobutylicum
  • A study on developing a sustainable bio electro chemical system for conversion of waste electricity.
  • On field application of Foldscope for rapid collection of microalgae samples
  • Removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous medium by bio char adsorbent prepared from bio-sludge of Indian Standard Natural Rubber plant in Tripura
  • Technology development for the production of natural colorant (chlorophyll) from isolated microalgae
  • Synthesis and characterization of novel hybrid bio-sorbents from biomass abundant in North Eastern region.
  • Removal of phenol from aqueous medium by adsorption onto char prepared from sludge of Indian standard natural rubber industry in Tripura state
  • Developing an efficient low cost catalytic system for conversion of waste vegetable oil to biodiesel.
  • Process development for enhanced
  • extraction of Phycoerythrin (PE) from cynobacteria for commercial application in field of food
  • Industries
  • Edible coating from waste biomass increasing shelf - life periods of fruits and vegetables (2022-2025)