NIT Agartala


The faculty members of the Department have started research work in various fields. The area of research includes Natural Product Chemistry, Organic synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Material science and nanotechnology. Besides, the faculty members of the Department are engaged in the following project works:

Sponsored Research Projects:

Sl. No.
Title of the Project
Funding Agency
Amount (in lacs)
01Synthesis, Characterization--------amino acid and benzoic acid related systems
2010-2013DST19.06Dr. K. S Singh
02Modernisation of Laboratories Under Chemistry Department
2010-2011AICTE (MODROBS)
7.55Dr. Saroj Kr. Das
03Development of carbon nanomaterials from starch materials
2011-2014AICTE (RPS)
18.20Dr. Mitali Saha
04Development of Nano structured material composition for next generation solar cells
2012-2015CPRI25.00Dr. Mitali Saha
05Preparation of nanomaterials for Cholesterol biosensor
2012-2014AICTE (RPS)
19.40Dr. Mitali Saha
06Nucleophilic addition reaction of uracil ring for the synthesis of bio-active compounds.
2012-2014AICTE (RPS)
16.00Dr. Subrata Das
07Design of efficient method for the synthesis of RNA nucelobases.
2013DBT62.59Dr. Subrata Das

Nitroso-Diels-Alder (NDA) reaction for the synthesis of some Heterocyclic compounds.

2013DST26Dr. Subrata Das