Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Department of National Institute Of Technology Agartala offers a undergraduate and postgraduate programme in Mechanical Engineering where students are encouraged to acquire knowledge facilities with an integrated thinking about education research & development, application and training. The students are provided knowledge to understand the fundamental of basic sciences and humanities, inter disciplinary knowledge, innovation, creative and problem solving abilities, intellectual honest and professional ethics, capacity for teamwork in inter disciplinary, national and international environment.The Department of Mechanical Engineering was formed in 1965. The first undergraduate batch rolled out in the year 1970. Since its inception, the department has always been recognized for excellence.

Vision: To produce the bright young Professionals of Mechanical Engineering Sciences by providing excellent Teaching Learning Facilities with entrepreneurial skills for meeting the societal needs.

Mission: 1. To develop professional attitude so that the students may develop and sustain their skills as Mechanical Engineer.
2. To provide Mechanical Engineering Expertise to Industry, government and society.
3. To make good human beings possessing Professional Ethics.
4. To make responsible citizens with social commitment to foster Research and attitude for development.
5. To participate in all round development of the region.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
PEO-1: To empower students to identify, formulate and solve Mechanical Engineering problems by applying their knowledge in the field of Mathematics, Science, Communication and Computing skills and enabling them to understand specific problem areas and finding the optimum solutions for the same.
PEO-2: To widen the talents of the students to become effective collaborators and innovators, leading in efforts to tackle social, business, design and production challenges.
PEO-3: To develop industry focused skills and leadership qualities to become successful engineers and entrepreneurs.
PEO-4: To enable students to acquire skills to communicate effectively with the society and the constituents which enable them to collaborate as team members and team leaders.
PEO-5: To instill professional work ethics and social responsibilities.
PEO-6: To encourage the students for developing life-long learning attitude with moral ethics and values and professional development through higher study, continuing education and Independent research activities.

Program Specific Outcome (PSO)
PSO 1: Specification, fabrication, testing, operation or documentation of basic mechanical systems/processes.
PSO 2: Analysis, design, development and implementation of more advanced mechanical systems or processes.


The department currently offers the following programmes.

Under Graduate Programmes:

  • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (4 years)

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  • Post Graduate programmes:

  • M.Tech in Thermal Science and Engineering (2 years)

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  • M.Tech in Manufacturing Technology (2 years)

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  • M.Tech in Automotive Engineering (2 years)

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  • M.Tech in Machine Design (2 years)

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    Ph.D Programmes