Department of Mathematics

DST FIST Sponsored Department (Sanctioned amount: 50 Lakhs)


i. Outline About the Department
The initialization of the Mathematics Department happened along with NIT Agartala in 2006, formerly Tripura Engineering College, a revered Institute since inception and is stepping into its glorious fifty years, established in 1965. Mathematics Department is continuously motivated towards excellence in research and teaching and has accomplished in this venture to a large extent. Budding progressively, at the moment the department teaches Mathematics to under graduate and post graduate students.

About the Faculty Members
The Department has highly qualified faculty members consisting of two Associate Professors, six Assistant Professors, and four Teaching Assistants. In their pursuit of research the faculty members are doing an extensive study in vast and diverse fields relating to Topology, Generalized fuzzy topological space , Inventory management (Operations Research), Bi-topology, MCDM, Fuzzy control system, Computational Fluid dynamics, Inventory control, Biomathematics, Graph theory, ODE & PDE , Super-symmetric Quantum Mechanics, Water wave mechanics, Heat transfer, Convection, Numerical methods, Neural network, Wireless network, Image processing etc.

A Brief Insight
• Energetic, highly motivated and academically sound young faculties and research scholars.
• Dynamic partaking in academic and administrative tasks.
• All the faculties are contributing towards research on contemporary subject areas.
• A few of our faculties have authored some book chapters, books and even published their research works as patents.
• Very frequently all faculties of our Department visit various venerated universities/Institutes in India and abroad in order to present their research papers in conferences and to attend in Workshops , Schools, and for doing collaborative research works.
• In the last five academic years, total 250 research papers have been published in reputed international peer-reviewed journals with high impact factor.

About the Courses
Admission in the two years (4 Semester) M.Sc. Degree Course is made through merit basis with an initial intake capacity of 10 students. A syllabus revision workshop was organized by the Department, for up gradation of UG-syllabus and course structure / syllabus for M.Sc. programme to make a significant contribution to research and development in Mathematics.
The Department also offers a 10 semester BS-MS Dual Degree Programme in Mathematics and Computing. This Dual Degree Programme encourages and persuades the students to grasp in depth knowledge and also widens their career opportunities. On completion of higher degree from our institute, a few of our students qualify some competitive exams like NET, GATE, SET, TOEFL, GRE etc. in every year for which our faculty members devote themselves in imparting special coaching to students who aspire to qualify the exams. Some fellows join Ph.D career as full time researchers at reputed universities or Institutes in India and abroad.

ii. Details of Academic Programme

Sl No. Course Name Duration Intake Admission Qualifying Degree
1 M.Sc. (Mathematics and Computing) 2 Years 13 JAM / Through Institute Test B.Sc.
2 BS-MS Dual Degree (Mathematics)(Old) 5 Years 20 Through JEE Mains Higher Secondary (+2)
3 BS-MS Dual Degree (Mathematics and Computing) 5 Years 23 Through JEE Mains Higher Secondary (+2)
4 Ph. D     Twice a year through Institute Test M.Sc./M.Tech

iii. Detail Course structure and syllabus for M. Sc. (Mathematics) [PDF]
iv. Detail Course structure and syllabus for Integrated BS(4-Years) / MS(5-Years) programme for Mathematics (Old). [PDF]
v. Detail Course structure and syllabus for Integrated BS(4-Years) / MS(5-Years) programme for Mathematics and Computing.
vi. Detail syllabus of Engineering Mathematics for different Engineering Courses. [PDF]
vii. Rules and Regulations of Integrated BSMS degree course in Mathematics and Computing. [PDF]
viii. Different Experts visited in the Department of Mathematics. [PDF]
ix. Ph.D. Awarded / Thesis Submitted from the Department of Mathematics. [PDF]
x. Name of the Candidates Enrolled in Ph. D. Program. [PDF]
xi. Departmental Topper list in BS/MS/M.Sc Program. [PDF]
xii. Name of the Candidates Qualified in different Examinations. [PDF]
xiii. Photos of “Mini-MTTS” program from 17th June 2013 to 29th June 2013 funded by National Board for Higher Mathematics.
xiv. Photos of 2-days National Workshop on “Recent Advances in Applied Mathematics” from 20th September 2014 to 21st September 2014 funded by National Board for Higher Mathematics.
xv. Photos of 2-days International Conference on “Emergent Research in Mathematics and Engineering” from 17th May 2019 and 18th May 2019.
xvi. Photos of the Department of Mathematics.
xvii. List of Conference/Workshop in the Department of Mathematics. [PDF]