Guideline for Global Initiative for Academic Network (GIAN)

Subject: Academic Institutes/Universities will identify one or more subjects to be offered in this MHRD scheme and apply for approval to the coordinating body. This subject typically can be interdisciplinary/ industry oriented/ research oriented in nature and scope. Subjects may be offered preferably in the Summer and Winter vacation of the host Institute.

Proposal Submission: Proposal to offer a subject should be submitted to the Local Institute Coordinator of the host Institute in a prescribed format. Each proposal will be submitted to a Sectional Committee. Local Institute Coordinator will submit proposals on-line through the National GIAN portal.

Execution: Each subject should be taught by at least one reputed international faculty jointly with one faculty from the host Institute. The international faculty should be (a) an expert in the area specified in the subject, (b) working in academic institutions/industries/research organizations/independent researcher of international repute, (c) encouraged to engage in a long term collaborative research program with faculty members of the host Institute.

Note: The proposer is expected to be aware that if the proposal is selected then the International Faculty is expected to accept to participate.
Credit System: The courses will primarily be credit based.
1. credit course: will typically cover 10 to 14 hours over a period of at least one week covering 5 working days.
2. credit course: will typically cover 20 to 28 hours over a period of at least two weeks covering 10 working days.
For alternative credit structures, such normalized credit equivalence will be explained in the proposal.

Evaluation & Grading: For courses offering credits, it should follow all standard norms of the Host Institution including continuous evaluation through assignments, quizzes, etc. and examinations like class tests, terminal examinations. Results should be declared within one month of the completion of the course. Priority should be given to students taking the course for credit than those who only participate without credits. The students can also obtain academic credits for these subjects based on the evaluation and grading process and agreed credit transfer mechanism between that host institute and the home Institutes of the students. The home university of the student will be mainly responsible for transferring academic credits. The host Institute will only provide information on the grading system, subject syllabus, and the academic policy. Other details will be defined in due course by a suitable Sub-Committee designated by the GIAN Implementation Committee.

Institute deadline for submitting the proposal: 16th October 2015 by the Host Institute.

"For further details related to GIAN kindly visit GIAN portal of IIT Kharagpur:-".