Department of Humanities & Social Sciences


The ultimate objective of any education system is to produce human capital who will be responsible citizen, besides excelling in his/her own domain. To produce a complete technocrat, only technical knowledge seldom serves the purpose. He/She has to be socially aware with a compassionate human faculty. The Department of Humanities & Social Sciences was established with an objective of making an engineer enlightened with adequate knowledge of his/her surroundings. The approach of the Department has always been interdisciplinary. The Department offers undergraduate courses in Economics, Costings, Management Principles and Communicative Skill Development. Besides that, it encourages the students to actively take up research in various fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Ph.D programme of the Department is introduced to serve that very purpose.


This Institute offers courses of study and facilities for research leading to MBA under Humanities and Social Science Department
The department currently offers the following programmes:-

Ph.D programs available in Humanities & Social Science .